Thank you for your interest in volunteering in Baltimore County Public Schools. Our schools depend on volunteers and value their contributions to enhance the programs and services provided for students. Volunteers are important members of Team BCPS and help our professional staff sustain effective learning environments, enrich the education and experiences of students and build critical partnerships to increase achievement for all students. Volunteers are essential to the educational process, as they bring knowledge and skills into our schools and strengthen classroom instruction.

Volunteer Instructions:  
All volunteers must complete the volunteer application and participate in an orientation/training session annually.

Step 1:  
Complete the BCPS Application for Volunteer Services by going to the BCPS Volunteers - Baltimore County Public Schools and clicking on the Community tab.  Using the drop down menu select the Volunteer with BCPS option and follow the instructions on the screen.  Complete the Application for Volunteer Services, save a copy, and email to Amanda Ragon

Step 2:
  Complete the online volunteer orientation accessible from the BCPS Volunteer Web Page under Step 2. You will be provided with a certificate once you successfully complete the training. The training is required to be repeated every school year (beginning July 1 every year).

Step 3:  Submit the application and the valid training certificate to the school in which you intend to volunteer. Electronic copies of both are preferred (though hard copies are acceptable). Both documents must be submitted at the same time to be accepted and reviewed by the school staff.  Once the application is reviewed and training has been verified, volunteers may be placed by schools and offices according to identified needs to perform tasks that support our established goals.

Please contact our school counselors, Taryn Fremder and Amanda Ragon, if you have any questions or concerns.