Admission to Middle School Magnet Programs

In order to be considered for placement into a middle school magnet program, applicants must earn at least 70% of the assessment criteria points. 

If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available seats, seats will be filled in the following sequence:

  1. Available seats will first be filled with priority placements.
  2. A random lottery will be conducted to fill all remaining available seats and to generate a wait list.

Two priority placements exist at the middle school level:

  • 20% Priority – Up to 20% of the available seats will first be filled by qualified applicants who show exceptional commitment and promise in the specialized program as evidenced by performance on the magnet assessment(s).
  • Child of an Employee - If the primary work site of a BCPS employee is a school with a magnet program and the employee's child applies to, and qualifies for, a magnet program in that school, the child will be given priority placement in the magnet program.

Random Lottery Process:  For each program, eligible applicants are assigned a computer-generated random number.  The applicants for each program are then sorted into a list according to their assigned random numbers, from lowest to highest.  Available seats are offered to eligible applicants, starting with the lowest random number (i.e. first on the list).  When all of the available seats in a program are filled, the remaining applicants are given a wait-list number that corresponds to their position in the list. 
Admission decisions are mailed to parents by early March. 

Magnet Programs FAQ:
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